Writing Strategies

"Writers are my favorite people." A couple of years ago I heard myself making this statement to a classroom full of creative writing students. I quickly realized that this is indeed a truism. Only another writer understands the joy of turning words into stories. Or the excitement of finding just the right description to show the beauty of a quiet snowstorm on Christmas Eve or the wrenching fear a character feels at seeing a gun pointed their way.

I'm convinced that we writers think differently than the rest of the population. We savor verbs and adjectives, collecting them as others collect purses or shoes or cars. We love language and novel ideas and the story-behind-the-story. We never know which phrase, or new experience will send us scampering to the computer. We can't wait to get it down, clean it up, and share it with the world. Writers need readers. They are the reason we do what we do.

Yes, writers need solitude in order to create. But we also need to connect with people who understand us and want to participate in our vision. If you need someone to help you achieve your writing goals, perhaps I can help. Whether you are writing short stories, a novel, your memoirs, magazine articles or a nonfiction book, I can help.

My approach is simple. I want you to succeed. Some days I see my role as a writing coach (or editor) as sort of a quiet cheerleader. Other days I'm that nagging presence standing just over your right shoulder. I've raised sons, and dogs, and helped other writers. I been a writer since the late 70s and I know what it means to see your name in print, I also understand rejection. I've been a writing instructor for the last twelve years and have met many writers who have gone on to see their work in print, but I've also seen too many gifted writers waste their talents. Since the mid-90s I've worked as a writing coach and freelance editor. Today I work as a ghost-writer and enjoy reading and reviewing books. 

Working one-on-one can be a very valuable experience for the serious writer. If you need someone to help you achieve your writing goals, perhaps I can help. Consider the possibility of working together. There is no charge for the first review.

email: patriciapunt@gmail.com